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Modafinil Review, A Smart Drug That is Love By Many. Check it out.

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Modafinil Review, A Smart Drug That is Love By Many. Check it out.
Modafinil Review, A Smart Drug That is Love By Many. Check it out.
Modafinil Review, A Smart Drug That is Love By Many. Check it out.
Modafinil Review, A Smart Drug That is Love By Many. Check it out.
Modafinil Review, A Smart Drug That is Love By Many. Check it out.
Modafinil Review, A Smart Drug That is Love By Many. Check it out.

Hey, guys, it’s Time for another interpret review, let’s talk about Modafinil okay now Firstly in some areas of the world you are required by law to have a prescription from a physician in order to take modafinil.
That being said I do have a prescription to take modafinil and I’m here to talk about my experiences with modafinil, if from the information you might encounter, or by any of that you think that you might want to try modafinil and you happen to live in an area of the world where you required by law to get a prescription from a physician to take methanol you should always follow the law okay.
So talk to your doctor about it. I’m here to talk about my experiences and I will not recommend anything for anyone whatsoever regarding modafinil that being said let’s get started.

Modafinil Review, A Smart Drug That is Love By Many. Check it out.

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All is very very very curious to me unlike a lot of the smart drugs that I’ve tried and reviewed, and the Daffin all is really unique it’s unique in the fact that well okay it’s let’s start off in terms of why it’s not unique.
it’s not unique and a turn in the fact that we don’t know exactly how it works right we don’t really know how any of these drugs work like but we do have some ideas and some pretty good theory so theoretically modafinil affects two neurotransmitters now here’s the onion unique part alright, a unique part right okay so the other smart drugs generally have affected stuff like acetylcholine modafinil affects dopamine and norepinephrine.
theoretically right it boosts both of those for you now. can you think of another prescription drug that does that and the answer would be the impediments right stuff like Adderall so I have in the past and now I’m not currently but in the past.

I have been prescribed Adderall for certain issues regarding the Lyme disease that I was having problems with the time and it’s kind of interesting because when ethanol is like a weaker in terms of a subjective feeling, it’s like a weaker version of Adderall and it has none of the crash or burnout stuff that at all does have .
I hated taking Adderall guys and I like, God like even though my physician was like you should take this I did not for very long.
I hated it like it would Anthony up so much and I was felt like I was wired all day and then when I finally like came off this stuff in the middle of the night I would crash wake up feeling horrible and the only way to feel better would take more Adderall and then I would feel good for like an hour and then go through the whole cycle again what a nightmare like I personally stay as far away from that drug as I can.
modafinil is a very similar experience but you don’t feel an energetic rush at all you feel like a mental rush a mental focus rush so for example Admiral will make your heart beat really fast and you’ll sweat and you’ll get dry mouth and you won’t eat right, you like it really physically affects you in a lot of different ways and you can just really really objectively view them right with modafinil.
it is mostly subjective you don’t get the shaky hands you don’t get the sweaty palms or you don’t get any of the other stuff that at all gives you but it you do have a similar mental focus as you do with Adderall, but it’s not as intense so tell you matter also much because that’s just like something I can compare it to.
I can compare modafinil at all but you have a higher state of focus in terms of being able to retain attention on something and in terms of like creativity my experience modafinil has been amazing to really turn my brain on and know what I’m capable of whereas it’s pretty clear with my experiences.

Adderall the Adderall is not turning my brain on in terms of what it is like capability wise, it’s just speeding everything up and messing up my entire day right so really am a fan of this and to say that out of to date right as of this posting, I don’t know I’m going to post this but as of this writing it’s probably my favorite smart drug or nootropic that I’ve had so far.

I really like it I can perform really well and as you guys know right, I have Lyme disease or I got over Lyme disease I’m in remission there in cure I don’t know what dangers we don’t.


There’s another thing they don’t really know about guys, we don’t know anything as human beings let’s just accept that once right okay. we don’t know or talking about I don’t know what I’m talking about no one knows with the tying up that being said let’s talk about stuff so it’s probably my favorite smart drug that I’ve had it does not come without its downsides.
However all right now on a common symptom a very common symptom or side effect I should say a very common side effect of taking Modafinil is a headache, and these do kick in for me but they don’t kick in until the second or third day.
So what I do currently and unless I’m testing out other supplements or other nootropics to review and make a post on and as you guys know, I never finished as a thread earlier that I brought up in this video but as you guys know I have Lyme disease in our had Lyme disease and the reason my motivation behind putting up this post is to just try to regain that last 20% of my mental faculties that I lost before where I lost after Lyme disease and then I had before Lyme disease.

So that’s my motivation behind taking about modafinil, so yeah modafinil downsides headaches come in on the second day okay
so what I do currently is I take it every other day if I take modafinil every other day and then on my days off I plug in like aniracetam with some like with a fat source and maybe some choline every day I’m cruising right but the moment I get a little greedy and want to feel you know peak performance kind of like, I something similar to what I had before Lyme disease ideally I’d have you know my old self back my own brainpower.

Back now take any drugs and just cruise through life like a normal person but, unfortunately I am forced to try to look for exhaustion Aswany that so yeah you got to get greedy and I try to take it every day then I will get massive headaches on day three I have gone three days as far as I’ve gone or at the end of day two I’ll fall asleep with a headache so they are relieved by stuff like Advil, I mean these aren’t like just headaches that you can’t get rid of but that’s I don’t want to be to take an Advil every day.

Modafinil Review, A Smart Drug That is Love By Many. Check it out.
I think it’s currently called the number one herbal you know remedy for headaches, I’m probably to change that too cyclamen review I haven’t taken cyclamen which is a whole body inflammation herbal reducer for the purpose of getting off that bill and off the Tylenol so that being said modafinil it’s great in the routine it helps me work, it helps me focus helps me do everything I want almost everything I want within this mantra what do you really want.
– Uh smart drug that’s my question for this review for you guys what do you guys want, on smart drugs what are you guys looking for let me know to leave me a comment below,
I will respond to all comment, so keep them coming.
Thanks for reading guys

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